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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 14 May 2024

Images courtesy of Dutch Satellite

An intense and exciting week, with Sol Sanchez Cimarelli, Augustin Ros (IOUS Studio), Viki Nagy, Mate Olah (Studio 56 hours), Jos van Roosmalen.

The Embassy and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy are pleased to announce the Dutch participation in SaloneSatellite 2024. The Dutch Satellite will be represented by IOUS Studio (Sol Sanchez Cimarelli, Agustin Ros), Studio 56 hours (Viki Nagy, Mate Olah) and Jos van Roosmalen.

IOUS Studio (Sol Sanchez Cimarelli, Agustin Ros) | Jos van Roosmalen | Studio 56 hours (Viki Nagy, Mate Olah)

With the exception of Jos van Roosmalen, the designers come from foreign countries but were trained and work in the Netherlands. In recent months they have been working together on the preparation of the Dutch Satellite. “We talked about the connections between us, and we all agreed that the diversity of our works and approaches make the group and Dutch Satellite colourful and exciting. We acknowledge the various routes that have led us to work in the same field and country. This reflection has prompted us to consider the theme of pathways, which not only provides the title for our presentation but also serves as the formal inspiration for the exhibition”.

This statement alone effectively explains the significance of Pathways, and shows the attractiveness of the Netherlands as a place for designers with diverse backgrounds and ambitions. With the Dutch Satellite, the Consulate General and Embassy of the Netherlands provide them an opportunity to strengthen connections with creatives and companies, coming from all over the world to the Salone. Dutch Satellite also adds to the numerous initiatives supported by the Dutch diplomatic mission during Milan Design Week.

The presented works reveal the distinct perspectives of the designers. While there are no prominent shared characteristics, certain affinities are evident, such as the incorporation of new technologies into design, the use of 3D printing techniques, the emphasis on materials and minimizing production waste, and the inspiration drawn from nature’s forms. IOUS Studio’s project is called Fusion; these are glazed clay tiles, made with 3D printing techniques, which can be used as a decorative wall covering or to create partition walls. In addition to their versatility, they are characterised by the wide margin of customisation allowed and the technique used.

The enamelled surface reproduces the ripples of the sea, evoking a sense of movement and fluidity. This is possible thanks to parametric design tools, which make it possible to translate the characteristics of an organic phenomenon such as water into construction elements. The work of Studio 56 hours design duo starts from a conceptual approach, where it is the method that drives the creative process and defines the outcome. The family of mono-material objects they present, some produced with a CNC machine, is all generated by the same principle: reversing the conventional design process, resulting in a unique formal language and potential waste reduction. While one usually begins to design from the three-dimensional model, and then arrives at the 2D drawing of the parts that make up an object, Studio 56 hours starts from a flat piece of material such as recycled plastic or wood, and attempts to derive from it all the components of the objects.

The collection consists of a low table and a plant pot. The pot was created by cutting out shapes from the table top, an operation that the designers carried out by questioning how and how far they could cut into the surface of the table while still ensuring its functionality. If the participants described above take an experimental approach that confronts them with the theme of object production, Jos van Roosmalen represents the archetype of the pure industrial designer who designs with industry in mind. Undoubtedly, he is influenced by his professional background in large Dutch companies.

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His research has led him to design luminaires as well as home furnishing elements. The two luminaires he presents, Radial and Linear, are designed not so much to illuminate as to produce lighting effects. Radial is a floor lamp made of recycled acrylic. It consists of a luminous disc that rests on an easel, similar to that of a painter’s, making the light appear like a work of art. A LED strip mounted on an aluminium profile, on the other hand, creates Linear, a lamp that, depending on its inclination, creates a cone of light of varying width and intensity to resemble a waterfall on the wall.


IOUS Studio – Sol Sanchez Cimarelli, Agustin Ros
IOUS Studio
is an architecture and design studio specialising in parametric design and digital fabrication, which aims to push the boundaries of traditional architecture by embracing innovative technologies and materials. It was founded in Rotterdam in 2022 by Argentinian-born duo Sol Sanchez Cimarelli and Agustin Ros, both Buenos Aires graduates. Before arriving in the Netherlands, Sanchez Cimarelli and Ros gained professional experience in the United States and Europe.

IOUS Studio – Sol Sanchez Cimarelli, Agustin Ros

Studio 56 hours – Viki Nagy, Mate Olah
56 hours
is a Rotterdam-based design studio, founded in 2018 by Viki Nagy and Mate Olah, after experiences of studying and working in Europe and Japan. Their approach to design is highly experimental and aimed at researching contemporary materials and production methods. Their work proceeds through the creation of prototypes and models that allow them to refine the initial idea and achieve a deep understanding of materials, techniques and technologies.

Studio 56 hours – Viki Nagy, Mate Olah

Jos van Roosmalen
Jos van Roosmalen
lives and works in Rotterdam. His works focuses on the design of furniture and lighting products. After graduating in industrial design, he worked for large industrial companies. His approach to design is based on practicality. His aspiration is to develop innovative concepts, produced with great attention to detail

Jos van Roosmalen

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