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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 12 July 2023

Images courtesy of Drill Design

Launched at Design Talks ‘Time & Style’ During Milan Design Week 2023

Diamond Back Chair by Yusuke Hayashi & Yoko Yasunishi (founder of Drill Design based in Japan) was presented at Design Talks ‘Time & Style’ During Milan Design Week 2023 last April. Diamond Back Chair developed in collaboration with Time & Style brings a breath of fresh air to the Windsor chair while paying tribute to its concept and legacy.

With more than a decade-long experience in research of the Windsor chair, DRILL DESIGN has developed this iconic chair into an elegant lounge chair brimming with a strong presence. By merging the dichotomies of the classic/the modern and calmness/tension, the studio presented a new image of the Windsor chair.

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The eight spokes on the backrest are constructed to gently embrace and support the back and waist of the user for a comfortable seating experience. The chair is characterized by the backrest with spokes interlaced into a diamond-shaped pattern, from which its name is derived. The seats of traditional Windsor chairs, made of solid wood, tend to warp over time, but the Diamond Back Chair adopts a frame structure and fabric upholstering for the seat to prevent warping. Furthermore, it offers comfort and reduced fatigue when sitting for a long period of time, while its lightweight design enhances mobility.

The frame that flows seamlessly from the back to the armrests is called a continuous arm, which is one of the forms of the Windsor chairs. We recreated the sleek arm from solid wood using Japan’s sophisticated bentwood technology.

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