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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 03 September 2021

Text and images courtesy of Barbara Barbato R+W

BAM Design x Odd Matter Studio

During Fuorisalone 2021, BAM, Bottega Artigiana Metalli, lands in Milan for the fifth edition of the “Doppia Firma. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence”, a project presented by Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship.

The project, conceived by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte and Living, the interiors, design and lifestyle magazine of Corriere della Sera, celebrates the meeting of innovative design with the traditional skills of great masters, showing a unique collection, composed of original pieces and artworks born out of the reciprocal cross-fertilisation between a forward-thinking design philosophy and an authentic know-how rooted to its territory.

BAM Design + Odd Matter 

The 2021 edition, exhibited in the Cortile d’Onore of Palazzo Morando. with an installation curated by Studio Salaris, is dedicated to the theme of gardens and outdoor spaces.

Presented by Zipblind

The participating designers are from all over Europe, whilst the master artisans are all Italian: like the Dutch designers Odd Matter, called to collaborate with the Sardinian BAM, experts in metalworking.

The encounter between Odd Matter and BAM, pure contemporary creativity and great craftsmanship, has produced a piece with a strong character and scenic presence: the chaise longue in two pieces, the chair and a footrest, is made from stainless steel and perforated sheet metal, and is a sort of manifesto of the technical and expressive possibilities of metal. The designers were fascinated by the metal workshop, its tools and the great experience of the craftsmen in using the material, experimenting different techniques and letting the project evolve during the creative process. This way the design worked more as a guideline, bringing the craftsmanship of the project to the fore. The result is an element of furniture with a strong personality, bold lines and volumes, with an interaction that leaves a deep impression on the environment, and where the stainless steel tubes create a structured design with a very contemporary impact.

Stainless steel, sheet metal

Sizes: cm h 92 x 170 x 92

Odd Matter is a design studio based in Rotterdam, founded by a Dutch native, Els Woldhek, and by a Bulgarian, Georgi Manassiev. They met when they were both studying in London, at the Royal College of Arts. Research, creation and exploration of the world through materials, processes and concepts: this is the vision that guides the work of this pair of designers in the creation of unique works, which often combine techniques from different historical periods, with the result of unexpected objects.

BAM, Bottega Artigiana Metalli, based in Nuoro, in Sardinia, is the contemporary expression of of a story four generations old. Andrea and Vittorio Bruno combine the knowledge of their family with the experience and skills of contemporary craftsmanship, in a constant search for beauty, quality and creativity.

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