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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 17 June 2024

Images courtesy ofDinesen

A Showcase of Dinesen x John Pawson & Made to Order Pawson Furniture Collection

Dinesen, a Danish brand known for its exclusive wooden flooring, has collaborated with British architectural designer John Pawson to unveil the new Dinesen Apartment at its Copenhagen showroom, celebrating three decades of partnership. The 145 sqm apartment, which also debuts the Made to Order Pawson Furniture Collection, is a testament to the shared vision of Dinesen x Pawson, emphasizing craftsmanship, quality, and a sense of peaceful, calmness through design.

“Creating this apartment for Dinesen, as the natural home for the furniture pieces I have designed, feels like a completion of the full circle.”John Pawson.

John Pawson’s minimalist approach is evident in the apartment’s design, which features sleek storage solutions and a subtle shelf system for ambient lighting, creating a calm and ‘noiseless’ space. The furniture is carefully positioned to add a sense of grounded thoughtfulness, with each piece acting as a centerpiece. The color scheme is intentionally inviting, with ‘Cotton’ white walls, fabric screens, and Kvadrat textiles, while the lighting is softly diffused to enhance the overall atmosphere. Pawson merely wraps these necessities in ‘a veil of clever minimalism’.

The new furniture collection, which includes the updated Dining Series and the complementary Lounge Series, showcases the evolution of Pawson’s designs x Dinesen. The collection is crafted by skilled local cabinet makers in Denmark, with upholstery from Kvadrat.

Dinesen‘s full range of flooring is utilized throughout the apartment, with different types and finishes chosen to complement each space’s character. The kitchen, designed by Baks Arkitekter for Garde Hvalsøe, features Dinesen Layers Oak and a steel worktop, echoing Pawson’s own kitchen design.

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The Dinesen Apartment by John Pawson and the Made to Order Pawson Furniture offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience the harmonious blend of Dinesen and Pawson’s aesthetic philosophies.

“In the same way that everything about the new Pawson Furniture Collection is pared back to the logic and poetry of the wood, everything about the Dinesen Apartment by John Pawson is refined back to the logic and the poetry of the spaces. Our vision was a space where people experience an instinctive ease and affinity with the physical environment, which is the essence of feeling at home.”Hans Peter Dinesen, Fifth generation and Brand Director at Dinesen

Showroom, Søtorvet 5, 1371 København, Denmark

Textiles and Curtains: Kvadrat
Kitchen, Library, The Living Room, The Dining area: Garde Hvalsøe
Floor lamps and pendants in the dining room: WonderGlass
Pendant lights: Viabizzuno
Styling lamps: Wästberg
Ambient Light: Anker & Co
Styling objects: Whenobjectswork
Paint: Bleo


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