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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 12 May 2022

Images courtesy of Deutsche Telekom Design

‘Concept Connectivity’

During Milano Design Week 2022, Deutsche Telekom Design is presenting Concept Connectivity, a line of products born of a collaboration with Studio Layer, which provides a new styling for the devices used in contemporary homes: the collection comprises a router, a mesh repeater, a set-top box-soundbar with webcam, a set-top box and a remote control, fruit of a meticulous research on materials characterized by pared-down lines and a discreet interface.

Connectivity is the capacity of various systems to connect and communicate among themselves for the purpose of exchanging information. This simple concept accompanies our everyday lives: the technological tools we use every day are increasingly linked by an infinite network of interdependent connections, in a harmonious and fluid flow that integrates digital and analogue devices in our everyday lives and actions.

Deutsche Telekom Design  – set-top box soundbar and webcam

Another novelty to be presented during Milano Design Week 2022 is the Augmented Reality Packaging project, which demonstrates that augmented reality can be a precious ally for researching eco-sustainable solutions. Patented by Deutsche Telekom, this new packaging rethinks our way of designing the outer wrapping of a technological product, to become the conveyor of a new meaning: no longer just a wrapper for preserving the content, but a tool for explaining the content and its functions. This packaging is characterized by the sole print of a QR code: by scanning it with the video camera of a smartphone it is possible to check the contents of the package, consult the instruction manual, check the product characteristics, launch the device, and download the updates. In this way, the amount of paper required for technical manuals is considerably reduced.

Deutsche Telekom Design – set-top box

This solution is the fruit of a new approach which enables a saving in packaging materials, in terms of paper, ink and processing. Moreover, it offers the possibility to connect directly with the user and guide them towards a personalized experience of unboxing and product configuration.

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Thanks to this new project, Deutsche Telekom Design aims at becoming a benchmark for sustainability, by rethinking the entire production process and providing a complete and immersive experience to the user.

Deutsche Telekom Design – remote

In our everyday lives, in which digital solutions provide a tangible tool for simplifying and optimizing the running of a home, Deutsche Telekom Design designed the new MagentaZuHause (Magenta at Home) smart home application to support everyday activities. Functions range from Parents notifications when theirs family member arrive back home from school, for greater security, to an offering of to-do lists and the remote management of home devices, such as lighting or routers. MagentaZuHause is also connected simply and intuitively to a wide range of devices that are useful for the home. The app is available for Smartphone, tablet, and Magenta TV.

Deutsche Telekom Design – mesh repeater

Technology accompanies the social, industrial, and economic evolution in course: Concept Connectivity, Augmented Reality Packaging and MagentaZuHause offer tangible customer centric and user-friendly solutions that pave the way to new opportunities and future scenarios waiting to be discovered.

Deutsche Telekom Design – Router 

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