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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 12 March 2024

Images courtesy of Désirée

Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

The new sofa designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez for Désirée is inspired by the Seventies. The vintage allure is interpreted by the designers in a contemporary key, focusing on modularity and soft, rounded lines that gently highlight the sofa’s shapes.

The furniture consists of a solid structure with modular metal tubing, into which the feet, joining elements and upholstery of the backrest, seat and armrests fit. Such a configuration has two prerogatives: easy maintenance, given by smooth removability of the upholstery, and sustainability, as each material, such as metal, plastic or polyurethane, can be separated, disposed of or recovered at the end of its life.

DORVAN is a flexible sofa, designed to be assembled in linear, corner or island compositions, always proportionate to the environments that accommodate it, whether private or contract. The sofa can be upholstered with any type of fabric or leather.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

Dimensions singular module: L 105 P 105/133 H 65 cm + 2 armrests L 28 x P 105 cm

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