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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 22 November 2023

Images courtesy of Napp Studio

Made of a total 6km of bamboo strips (will be reclaimed and reused)

Exhibition Architect: Napp Studio & Architects
Design Team: Aron TSANG, Frida LAW, Liselle NAM, Ryan HUNG, Sean LAM, Wesley HO
Curator: Benny AU, Teresa CHAN
Graphics Design: Amazing Angle Design
Fabricator: Hattrick Creative
Location: Airside, Hong Kong

Spatialising the ‘Desire’ (to fly) into comical idea clouds, the atrium exhibition pavilion is composed of multiple intersecting (idea) bubbles. Each of them corresponds to a theme extended from the progressive curatorial storyline about flying, ranging from desiring, learning, taking off to up in the air.

The journey begins with a gentle slope as the runway axis, with a number of platforms on both sides branching out. Arriving at the atrium with a generous scale, natural light floods in from the skylight above casting shadows of the bamboo weave.

Presented by Le Chateau Living

The cloud is weaved by horizontal and 2 off-centred vertical layers of bamboo strips, supported by a minimal set of steel ribs inner structure, to achieve the multi-spherical form. While a total of 6km of bamboo strips are used, they will be reclaimed and reused for exhibitions and artworks afterward.

Sequel to the atrium exhibition, the gallery completes the narrative with descending, landing, recalling, and planning for the next journey. The thematic color continues from skyblue in the sky inherited from the atrium to dark night sky blue gradually upon ‘landing’. Translating the idea cloud geometry into planar configuration, the space is composed of a cloud of various shapes tailored for each chapter.

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