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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 09 March 2023

Images courtesy of Delcourt Collection

April 18-23, 2023 Milan : NIN collection by Christophe Delcourt

In more than 25 years of existence Delcourt Collection has never deviated from its needs and its foundations. But the line frees itself: initially re­ned, it acquires expression, dares to become more eclectic, draws inspiration from an architectural element, a work of art, a material or an assembly technique. Without ever losing sight of the fact that the furniture is above all an element of enhancement of the interiors, an expression of comfort and testimony of an era. And the new proposals that Christophe Delcourt designs for the beginning of 2023 are also based on these principles. NIN is a table – the ­rst and essential element of an ‘interior architecture’ according to Christophe Delcourt – which expresses the brand’s attachment to a material, wood, and to a skill, cabinet-making. NIN is available in rectangular and round table, console, guéridon and low table, living in the many colors and shades of brushed oak.

NIN collection includes also a low table, a guéridon, a round table and a console

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NIN table anticipates a wider collection that will be exhibited in Milan during the April 2023 Design Week, under the name At the Edge of the Woods at the Mudima Foundation, via Tadino 26.

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