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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 16 November 2023

Images courtesy of Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi’s Lighting Solutions in The United States

Davide Groppi’s light expands in the United States with the opening of its first Spazio Esperienze in New York.

A new position, a new scenario together with Milano, Piacenza, Bologna, Verona, Parma and with the international destinations of Mallorca, Seoul, Porto. A story that today lands in New York with the idea to extend itself more and more, as light does, in national and international contexts.

I have been dreaming of opening a store in New York ever since I have been doing this job. Thirty five years from the opening of my first studio, I find myself in Manhattan, intent on turning on the light of our first Spazio Esperienze in New York, with the same feeling of revealing something new; with the same feeling of still having to discover many things, but on the other side of the world.”- Davide Groppi

Spazio Esperienze New York
192 Lexington Ave, 10016 New York, US

To welcome the visitor, Nulla, Infinito and Pablo, our representation of the fundamental states of light, the ways in which light manifests itself. Direct, indirect, diffused light. Point, line, plane: the Euclidean vision of light, the vowels of the alphabet with which we write our stories. Sampei and Origine stand out in the space and reveal their surrealist and ready-made nature.

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Moon, soft and sensual, already appears from the street and with its dreamy beauty captures and enchants passers-by. The playfulness of Simbiosi explodes in the window shop, suspended on a Scandinavian coffee table. As well as Cathode, which illuminates a meeting table. And Neuro, with its crazy cable, realizes our need to bring light where it is needed.

And then our systems. Infinito again, with Flash, Ohm and Endless: projects whose simplicity has generated objects with slender lines, but at the same time powerful. Pen strokes on a white sheet.

The nomadism of TeTaTeT, Bugia and all our rechargeable solutions: light with us, always. The mimetic reflections of Calvino and Reflex, the concreteness of Miss, FM and Anima.

In the end, the blue light of Movie takes us to a small secret garden, the place of outdoor ideas: the light when there is no longer any light.

This October, Italian Design Brands (IDB), diversified industrial Group among the Italian leaders in high-end design, behind some of the major luxury brands in Italy, opens a US headquarters and two flagship stores for Davide Groppi and Meridiani, two significant Group brands, in a major move for the US market.

We are proud to inaugurate the IDB USA new headquarters, the focal point of IDB companies’ business development in North America. The opening of the New York office, in the vibrant heart of the city, highlights our commitment to supporting the global growth of the individual companies. In this unique space we bring together the best of two worlds; the inspiration of Davide Groppi’s lighting solutions and the elegance of Meridiani design furniture”, noted Giorgio Gobbi, Managing Director of IDB.

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