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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 10 July 2024

Images courtesy of Contardi Lighting

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Technological innovation, quality manufacturing details, and refined and high-performance materials are the key elements of Contardi Lighting Collections, an Italian lighting company and leader in developing lighting solutions suitable for every need.

Milan Design Week 2024 presents the company’s creative proposals once again demonstrating its ability to respond to the demands of a specific sector and cosmopolitan, demanding, and refined clients.

These include the expansion of the Bianca collection by Dainelli Studio and Calypso Ap, the wall-mounted version of the brand’s iconic lamp designed by Servomuto, a true example of Contardis ability to look beyond by developing advanced projects capable of contributing to the future of lighting.

The result is an exhibition of products that confirm a Contardi style that escapes conventional classifications. A style in which the harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality is obtained from the convergence of a sartorial approach, variety of materials used, elegance of the finishes, cutting-edge technology, quality craftsmanship, industrial capacity, compliance with the highest standards in terms of safety and possession of the certifications required by the markets in which the products are distributed.

On the occasion of the main event for the world of design, Contardi Lighting presents its archi-decorative approach in two different locations, multiplying its presence in the city: the showroom in Corso Monforte 20 and the exhibition space of the new partner BI.CI. Progetti e Arredamento, located via DellaSpiga 9, is an ideal path to discover the brand’s cutting-edge lighting solutions. A double presentation showcasing Contardi‘s know-how through updated products and the most representative collections displayed in the showroom on the one hand and the company’s technical know-how on the other. Also, to showcase the company’s broad and diverse offering in the immersive BI.CI. Lounge Milano. Here, Contardi products complete various settings with sophisticated elegance, underlining the central role of light in residential and hospitality projects.

The partnership with BI.CI., a company that has been operating in the world of interior design for thirty years, making its debut on such an important occasion, is based on mutual respect, reliability, as well as in-depth and consolidated knowledge of the contract sector, in which Contardi Lighting has laid its foundations since the beginning of its growth.

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Showroom Contardi Lighting
In the heart of the Milanese lighting design district, the Contardi mono-brand store celebrates one year since its opening, reaffirming itself as a showcase of excellence to tell the brand’s values and identity. For the occasion, the venue showcases the latest 2024 products and the iconic collections that take over the space, whose plan is divided into two staggered levels, defining two distinct exhibition areas.

The entrance and shop window area is designed to have a “theatrical” function where the expansion of the Bianca range takes place, new in the 2024 catalog in the new linear wall-mounted, table and reading versions, completing a collection that already boasts a diversified proposal featuring the wall-mounted and pendant variants with 12 arms for a striking visual effect.

In the central part, the second proposal that expands the 2024 collection is presented: Calypso Ap, the iconic solution bearing Servomuto’s signature. Inspired by the Art Deco period, it skilfully mixes fabrics, rigorous textures, and patterns with bright colors inspired by South American and tropical culture, in a whimsical combination that makes Calypso an exclusive product with a strong visual impact. A solution that, due to its cosmopolitan characteristics, satisfies a universal clientele.

Alongside, some of the most recent products in the brand’s catalog such as Baggy, born from Paola Navone’s creative mind: a collection of lamps made up of single modules of different sizes, which allow total compositional freedom, whose satin polycarbonate diffuser has the irregular appearance of a crumpled paper tube.

Asia Ap, the oriental-inspired lamp designed by designer Federico Peri, and Archipelago, a project by Servomuto, demonstrate Contardi Lighting’s ability to expertly combine two different materials to illuminate spaces: fabric and metal, to give life to a sophisticated product and quality.

Completing the first part of the display are Ongo and Fly, the best sellers of 2023.

Additionally, in the elevated area, Kiki, a modular product, allows you to create systems and designs on walls for dramatic compositions thanks to the tone-on-tone fabric cable or in contrast with the structure. In an elegant and refined manner, Emma can fit in with grace and personality in any interior design context, from residential to retail to hospitality, in perfect harmony with materials and round shapes. Discus, Calypso, and Stick lamps complete the set.

BI.CI. Lounge Milano
Located in via della Spiga 9, in the prestigious quadrilateral of the capital, a crossroads of art, fashion, and design, is the BI.CI. showroom. It is a three-level space of 300 square meters designed as a strategic meeting point for architects, designers, and clients. Here, the lighting solutions from Contardi enhance a set-up that resembles a living space.

Along the entrance staircase, the Clara collection comes in small, medium, and large sizes, ideal for furnishing the outdoor environment.

In the sleeping area on floor -1, two Kiki with bronze-nickel finishes create a delicate light point with clean lines. In the living area, various lighting solutions such as two table lamps from the Bianca collection, and the Fly Floor and Fly Torch floor lamps with their long silhouette give light to the reading area and illuminate the dining area and finally Stick Floor, an imposing monolithic lamp that allows you to obtain direct or indirect light depending on the various needs, rotating up to 340 degrees.

At the entrance to the space, two lighting proposals that well express the soul and archi-decorative approach of Contardi Lighting: the new Bianca Liseuse and Ongo Bon Ton, a graceful 1930s Parisian-inspired battery lamp synonymous with elegance and refinement also thanks to the combination of colors: black for the structure and white for the diffuser.

Finally, the first floor of the showroom becomes the ideal stage to present some of the suspension lamp proposals by Contardi Lighting such as Eclisse 2.0 and Fly So Multiple, which have a contemporary stylistic code that plays with eclectic shapes and compositions to dramatically illuminate the kitchen and the living area. As a finishing touch, there is the Bianca Liseuse with a gold lacquer finish and the Cube lantern with a brushed bronze finish for indoor use.

As a result, Contardi continues to prove itself as a contemporary company, with unique characteristics, capable of intercepting, interpreting, and satisfying the needs of an increasingly changing and evolving market, where the decorative luminous object is an ambitious and sophisticated product, that is both aesthetic and functional, as well as creating lasting partnerships with key players for an exceptional vision of light, in domestic as well as commercial settings.

BIANCA – new wall, table, and floor versions
Design Dainelli Studio
Presented at Euroluce 2023 in pendant and wall lamp versions with a crossed structure, the Bianca lamp collection by Dainelli Studio sees an expansion of the range with new floor, table, and wall lamp variants.

Bianca’s particular design is inspired by the snowflake structure: at first sight, it appears like a white spot, which upon closer inspection, as through a microscope, reveals the flawless geometric shape that nature has given it.

The satin brass or black matt lacquered structure supports the light arms. Not simple crystal diffusers but E14 bulbs with a contact connection that doesn’t require any wiring. With a tubular shape, the bulbs, designed and developed by Contardi, guarantee high-level lighting performance and are easily replaceable.

An unprecedented lighting solution, highly functional and aesthetic at the same time.

The Bianca Ta table version creates a refined and elegant light point, with its light structure, suitable for illuminating desks and tables. Featuring a clean and slim design, Bianca Liseuse is a perfect lighting solution for living and reading areas. The Bianca Ap Linear wall lamp enhances surfaces with a minimal yet sophisticated design.

CALYPSO – new wall-mounted version
Design Servomuto
The partnership between Contardi Lighting and Servomuto continues, revealing collection after collection, and creative proposals that combine and express the archi-decorative soul of the brand.

To complete the now rich collection made up of pendant lamps in indoor and outdoor variants with floor lamps with integrated tables, new in the 2024 catalog is the new Calypso Applique version which, characterized by the iconic pattern, finds the right place both in the living area and night area.

Inspired by the art deco period, which found its maximum expression in the 1920s and is characterized by a modern and geometric taste, Calypso Ap skilfully mixes, as in a perfect recipe, fabrics with rigorous textures and patterns with bright colors inspired by South American and tropical culture, in a whimsical combination that makes Calypso an exclusive product with a strong visual impact. A solution which, due to its cosmopolitan characteristics, satisfies a universal clientele.

The wall lamp version is characterized by a thin and elegant arm with a matt silk black lacquered finish. It also has a satin brass ring that supports the lamp.

The fabric lampshade, another strong point of Contardi Lighting, is capable of playing with different materials, in the Antigua, Guadalupe, and Martinique models and is composed of different shapes, decorations, and colors to complete spaces in the name of creative freedom. The diffuser, made of transparent glass, contains a dimmable LED bulb.

Contardi Lighting Showroom
Corso Monforte, 20
15 – 21 April

BI.CI. Lounge Milano
Via della Spiga, 9
15 – 21 April

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