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Published by Sugar & Cream, Tuesday 09 May 2023

Images courtesy of Contardi Lighting

A Space Designed and Conceived to Reflect the Brand’s Values ​​and Identity, that Favors Firect Dialogue with the Audience

Contardi Lighting celebrates Euroluce 2023, which presents exclusive new products alongside iconic pieces, to form a wide-ranging offer enable to satisfy the needs of a specific sector and cosmopolitan, demanding, and refined clientele. Designed by Massimiliano Raggi, the Contardi Lighting stand is divided into coloured areas that link to the styles of the product families – on a journey that immerses the visitor in Contardi’s unmistakable archi-decorative style.

BAGGY (Design Paola Navone – OTTO)

There’s blue for BAGGY (Design Paola Navone – OTTO), powder pink for STICK (Design Studiopepe), yellow for FLY (Design Massimiliano Raggi), dove grey for BIANCA (Design Dainelli Studio), and KIKI (Design Contardi Studio), green for CLARA (Design CaberlonCaroppi in collaboration with Marco Forbicioni),  and for the iconic Contardi outdoor products LAGOON, TENBRA and CALYPSO.

STICK (Design Studiopepe)

Presented by Interni Cipta Selaras

And at the Euroluce 2023, Contardi open its first showroom in the district of light. The result is an exhibition that expresses a comprehensive and varied vision, characterised by technological innovation, eco-sustainability, manufacturing excellence, and refined and high-performing materials. These qualities enable us to satisfy the needs of a specific sector, and our cosmopolitan, demanding and refined clientele.

KIKI (Design Contardi Studio)

“The names of the designers we wanted to involve for this edition of Euroluce are numerous and prestigious: Paola Navone, Studiopepe, Massimiliano Raggi, Design Dainelli Studio, CaberlonCaroppi. These collaborations allow us to continue on the path we started in 2022 – a precise strategic corporate path, where contracting large projects will lead us to develop a range of products that anticipate the needs of a wider and more curious public, who are increasingly seeking decorative, sophisticated, cross-cutting lights that know how to illuminate.” Massimo Brigandì, Contardi General Manager –

FLY (Design Massimiliano Raggi)

Contardi’s style evades conventional classifications. A harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality is obtained by combining a sartorial approach, variety of materials used, elegance of the finishes, technological innovation, high-quality craftsmanship, industrial capacity, compliance with the highest safety standards, and possession of all the certifications required by the distribution markets.

CLARA (Design CaberlonCaroppi in collaboration with Marco Forbicioni)

With its presence at Euroluce 2023, Contardi confirms its status as a contemporary company with unique characteristics and strong growth. It identifies, interprets and satisfies the needs of an increasingly evolved and varied market, for which the decorative luminous object is an ambitious and sophisticated product, both aesthetically and functionally.

BIANCA (Design Dainelli Studio)

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