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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 03 May 2024

Image courtesy of Collection Particulière

A Collection Inspired by Materials, Nature, And The Night

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Collection Particulière presents NATURAL DISCO, a collection inspired by materials, nature, and the night.  A table in mixed clay, a cabinet in oak shingles, a lava stone console and coffee tables, a side table in brushed stainless steel, intertwining sofas and armchairs, frames in gouged oak, a table in brushed
oak, objects in Agadoro marble.

With ten pieces and as many materials, Collection Particulière is celebrating its 10th anniversary at Fondation Mudima, Milan in an atmosphere that is more than ever at the meeting point of genre and skill. Exceptional, limited-edition numbered pieces, objects of curiosity, interlacing sofas and furniture. A demonstration of controlled eclecticism and uninhibited elegance.

Terra dining table by Luca Erba
It took two years to perfect the Terra dining table. The time needed to domesticate the material, to listen to and understand it. Inspired by its little sister, the Terra side table, this XL version uses the same architectural base, but incorporates a new technical feat: the addition of an impressive tabletop in a patchwork of Variegato Lombardo. The result is a majestic piece of unprecedented proportions, in which Luca Erba not only masters the material, but also pays full homage to his Italian heritage, offering Collection Particulière a masterpiece of hand-crafted design.

Variegato Lombardo, Numbered limited edition, Dim. 148 x 153 x h. 76 cm

Cabinet B.Initial by Flavien Delbergue
The shingle – or shake – is one of the treasures of traditional French architecture. Tiles of chestnut split by hand are used to protect roofs, walls and belltowers, constituting one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly roofing materials available.

Thanks to Flavien Delbergue, this ancient technique, deeply rooted in the rural landscape, is making a striking debut appearance in the Collection Particulière catalogue in the form of a cabinet designed as a treasure chest. Completely covered in exquisite oak scales, B. Initial is an unusual, ornamental and sculptural piece of furniture, whose hues poetically and subtly evoke the passing storms and seasons.

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Clover Dining Table by Yabu Pushelberg
Following in the footsteps of YAB and then Eclat, Yabu Pushelberg and Collection Particulière have combined forces on Clover, a table sculpture paying tribute to nature. Clover revisits the tradition of marquetry, with a subtle nod to Art Nouveau but without the slightest hint of nostalgia. Instead, it is light-hearted, poetic and modern. Clover is made up of a plant-inspired tabletop set on a tapered central base. Three petals like three movements, anchored by a powerful central shaft. A fusion of soft, amical forms, Clover speaks of conviviality, strength, and harmony.

Bloom Containers by Studio Anansi
First fruit of the collaboration between Studio Anansi and Collection Particulière, Bloom is an object that at first glance you aren’t sure whether to qualify as animal, vegetable or mineral. With its sculpted, elaborate lid, this Agadoro marble container gives no hint of what its function might be, as if waiting to be domesticated.

Bloom is a true object of curiosity, with an enigmatic, almost mythological silhouette. Agadoro marble,Dia. 35,5 x H. 29,2 cm (wide), Dia. 26 x H.35,5 cm (tall)

NED Sofa & Armchairs by Christophe Delcourt
From LEK to UBE, our catalogue of sofas and armchairs focuses on comfort, with a collection of customizable, timeless seating designs. NED adds to the collection, with a range of armchairs, lounge chairs and sofas designed to structure the sitting room like a landscape. The forms are composed and juxtaposed, elegant and complementary: seats of different depths, with or without armrests, interlocking or independent. Much more than simple modularity, NED is a way of life in its own right, inviting you to compose a unique environment, evolving and alive.

LEY Side Table, Coffee Table & Console Table, MIL Side Table by Christophe Delcourt
Designed as satellites to the NED range of armchairs and sofas, two series of coffee tables embellish this domestic landscape with their forms and play of materials: LEY and MIL. In volcanic lava stone from the Auvergne, LEY is composed of a side table, a coffee table and a low console table. With its alternating curves and crisp edges, raw and enameled finishes, LEY is like a radical, brutalist outpost that nonetheless nestles gracefully and quite naturally into the embrace of an armchair, highlighting the design of a sofa, or, as a low console table, creating a sculptural island of matter.

LEY side table

LEY coffee and console table

In brushed aluminum, MIL is a minimalist side table, a blend of material and function that acts as a connection piece, fitting between two armchairs like a mechanism, an outcrop.


LAP Display Shelves by Christophe Delcourt
On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Collection Particulière commissioned Christophe Delcourt to design a shelving unit to display objects, a made-to-measure showcase to exhibit the first decade of creations like a repertoire of forms.

LAP is a collection piece, neither bookcase nor simple display unit. Whatever its position or viewpoint, this piece of furniture allows all the pieces displayed on its shelves to be admired.

ARA Plinths Pedestal by Christophe Delcourt
ARA is a collection of plinths/ pedestals composed of a base in brushed oak and a tabletop in enameled lava stone. ARA is a sophisticated and erudite building game, an architecture formed of solids and voids and defying the rules of geometry with interlacing of sharp edges and curving forms.

SIR Frame by Christophe Delcourt
Collection Particulière’s signature finish, gouged oak, here takes the form of a majestic wall frame, entirely handmade with sanded edges. The cabinet-maker has taken the material to its very limits, as if the wood was being devoured.

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