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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 01 May 2024

Images courtesy of Casalgrande

Georgia World Congress Center in  Atlanta, April  22 – 25, 2024

Casalgrande Padana confirms its presence at Coverings, the most important and inspiring show of 2024. Coverings is the preeminent event for the ceramic tile and natural stone industry in North America.

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The first range of porcelain stoneware bathroom furnishings with antibacterial properties. Casalgrande Padana’s bathroom furnishings from the new Aquatio range include standard washbasins, shower trays, and shelves made with porcelain stoneware slabs (6 mm thick) from various collections with Bios Antibacterial® technology and a natural or polished finish. This silver-based technology helps eliminate 99% of bacteria from the tiles’ surfaces while preventing stains and odours.

Aquatio furnishings are obtained by fabricating and assembling porcelain stoneware slabs from any of Casalgrande Padana’s collections, available in various colours, patterns, and finishes. With this collection, washbasins, shower trays, and shelves can match the bathroom floors and walls for a seamless, cohesive look or create striking colour and pattern contrasts. Whatever the case, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware’s superior durability, wear resistance, and ease of cleaning are always guaranteed. All products from the Aquatio range – which already includes a wide array of models and versions – can be made from any of the Casalgrande Padana’s large-format slabs with custom designs and dimensions to meet any site-specific need.

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Aquatio stands out for its clean lines, essential design, and customisable dimensions, allowing architects and designers to create bathroom furnishings tailored to their needs.

Marmora is Casalgrande Padana’s new tile collection inspired by the timeless beauty of marble that stands out for its stunning low-relief veining. Irregular veining draws three-dimensional surfaces and sophisticated tactile effects to explore uncharted creative possibilities and create contemporary projects with a classic style.

Aesthetic research, technological innovation, and sophisticated processes have made it possible to replicate the low-relief veining created over the centuries in sedimentary rocks worldwide. Marmora is the perfect combination of design and technical features: beautiful streaks filled with light and harmonious colour contrasts give life to an ideal balance of patterns and structure, evoking the finest marble nature has to offer.

A journey through matter, where three-dimensional light and shadow effects are emphasised by the new smooth and vein-touch finishes. The former gives the surface a silky, sophisticated appearance, while the latter provides an antiqued, super realistic three-dimensional look, enhancing every detail.

The Marmora collection comes in six colours. It’s perfect for the floors and walls of any building, whether new or restored. In addition, this collection is ideal for the contract furnishing, hotel, hospitality, and wellness sectors and even for yachts and luxury boats.

Pietra Tiburtina is a reinterpretation of Travertino, a stone full of memory, suspended between history and modernity. And now, Casalgrande Padana’s new Pietra Tiburtina collection pays tribute to travertine and its role in world architecture with four shades replicating the original ones.

These four shades come in two versions, cross-cut and vein-cut, depending on the slab’s cutting technique, resulting in different patterns, even from the same slab. The vein-cut version features wavy horizontal streaks, which disappear in the cross-cut version, leaving room for irregular cloud-like effects.

It comes in four colours (Aventino, Campidoglio, Celio, and Palatino) and various formats and finishes. Delicate earthy shades, beautiful streaks, and a three-dimensional play of light and shadow give these tiles a texture full of charm and elegance.  Available in the vein-cut version, which emphasises the lengthwise layers of limestone, and the cross-cut version, which highlights the subtle cloud-like effects. Both versions combine stone’s charm and porcelain stoneware’s sturdiness.

Project Wood is the new porcelain stoneware collection by Casalgrande Padana inspired by the warm tones of beech wood. Project Wood is developed by Casalgrande Padana in collaboration with SBGA Blengini Ghiradelli. These porcelain stoneware planks come in five warm shades inspired by Scandinavian design, where light, natural wood creates comfy and cosy settings with a pleasant textural feel.

Project Wood strikes the perfect balance between shapes and colours, epitomising the idea of well-being. This collection’s colours and finishes replicate the grain and veining of the wood that inspired them. Project Wood results from research to obtain a durable, environmentally sustainable product. It comes in five colours (Mesola, Migliarino, Paneveggio, Pollino, and Quarto) and two formats. This collection’s colours and finishes replicate the grain and veining of the wood that inspired them.

Stonetech is the new full-body technical tile collection inspired by the rocks of the Central Alps. Casalgrande Padana’s research and experimentation, cutting-edge production process, and technical expertise acquired in its 60 years in the business have led to the Stonetech collection. These new technical porcelain stoneware tiles replicate the texture and effects of the rocks of the Central Alps: marble, quartz, and feldspar fragments of different sizes blend within the slab, becoming one with it.

Stonetech comes in five colours (Stonewhite, Stonegrey, Stonepearl, Stonesand, and Stoneblack) and three formats. It stands out for its high resistance to footfall, flexure, frost, and temperature fluctuations. Moreover, Stonetech maintains its aesthetic and functional features over time, making it perfect for projects requiring durability and wear resistance.

These technical tiles have even colours and a consistent appearance due to their identical surfaces and body structures. This collection further expands Casalgrande Padana’s range of full-body technical porcelain stoneware tiles. It stands out for its high resistance to footfall, flexure, frost, and temperature fluctuations.

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