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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 07 June 2024

Images courtesy of Bonaldo


In almost 90 years of history, Bonaldo has constantly explored the delicate balance between living spaces and the aspiration of individuals to live in welcoming and pleasant environments. This journey is best summarized in the “Evolutionary” concept that runs through the new 2024 collection and is the driving force behind its presence at the 2024 Salone del Mobile.

Through constant research into changes in styles and trends, the company has become the interpreter par excellence of the needs and demands of modern living. This dedication has given rise to solutions that reflect today’s concept of design in which the environment, personal well­ being, and emotional aspects are considered priority elements. The collections have thus been enriched with pieces of furniture characterized by a fluid and linear aesthetic, comfortable and practical, and are suitable for moments of work, relaxation, and hospitality.

The exhibition space at the event, designed by the architect Mauro Lipparini, reaffirms and interprets Bonaldo‘s stylistic identity, confirming its clear aesthetic vision and taste for cosmopolitan contemporaneity. In the foreground, a selection of furnishings with distinctive personalities are arranged in a balanced environment with attention to the smallest details, whether in the sophistication of the materials, the proportion of the shapes, or in the study of the lighting. Theatricality and expressive suggestions are renewed from year to year with a constantly attentive eye on interior design trends. Through well-defined architectural elements, the environments alternate harmoniously and coherently, thanks to a single stylistic language.

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The stand is divided into three thematic areas characterized by different and distinctive moods. The first, “Elegant Wood”, recalls burnt earth tones shaded with tobacco and antique greys, while the second, “Evolutionary”, ranges from tones of sage green to soft mustard yellows. These settings, interconnected with each other, give life to the third area dedicated to “Residential spaces” which offers a new Bonaldo participatory experience.

Thanks to the use of atmospheric lights, lowered ceilings, and wood paneling, settings typical of the 1930s have been recreated, while the large windows recall the open spaces of New York lofts. In the central area of the stand and continuity with the previous edition, there is an area dedicated to hospitality and customers’ reception, a real “business garden” inspired by the profusion of plants which enhances the pleasure of living.

The exhibition space offers an overall vision that recognizes each element’s central nature and leading role in harmony with the overall B/Style concept. It is an integrated furnishing program that creates new harmony in living spaces by overcoming boundaries between individual environments and which has made the company recognizable worldwide thanks to the creative contributions of leading international designers.

Bonaldo 2024 Collection is the result of a broad orchestration, comprising meeting points and subtractions of lines and styles and mono-blocks and measurements. Every space must be sustainable, regardless of the ‘time’ factor. The “nature” of the company’s new accessories is reflected in the softness of their design, the materials used and the gentleness of their shapes, making them suitable for both residential and hospitality spaces.

Tavoli Tables – Canvas table, Hippos, and Louver table | Sedie Chairs – Pi chair and Alley

The spotlight is on the brand-new accessories that harmoniously integrate with Bonaldo‘s most loved and iconic elements. Among the new features, there are the striking and bold Louver Table, Canvas Table, and Hippos tables, the Boolean sofa designed by Giuseppe Vigano, combined with the armchair of the same name with its enveloping style, and the Doge armchair by Mauro Lipparini which evokes a 1970s aesthetic.

Divani Sofas – Boolean | Poltrone Armchairs – Doge and Boolean armchair 

Among the chairs, there is Alley with a discreet but distinctive presence and the rigorous Pi Chair by Alain Gilles which catches the eye thanks to its graphic frame.

Executive Space – Diver, Newton low, Newton, Moneypenny, and Flatiron | 8. Zona Notte Night Collection – Honeymoon and Moneypenny bedside table

For the most intimate area of the house, the sleeping area, Bonaldo presents new elements such as the Honeymoon bed and the Isola clothes stand, combined with the Isola Mirror from the same family. Coffee tables, consoles, and clothes stand to interact harmoniously with each other, like the unexpected architecture of the One Console and the versatile Litos and Flac coffee tables. There are also new elements in the lighting collection such as the essential and elegant Keshi lamp, and the Pepita collection, notable for its dynamic lightness which includes suspension, free-standing, and floor lamps.

Complementi Accessories – Flac, Alma, Isola, Isola mirror, Wave, Litos, and One console

A highly significant new aspect for the company is the introduction of a collection dedicated to the Executive Space: a series of tables, armchairs, and containers with formal aesthetics and a functional design for important business environments.

Tappeti Rugs – Rabat and Tangeri

“The 2024 Collection represents a new and important stage in a journey of almost 90 years. This has resulted in the creation of complete and coherent collections, capable of connecting with desires and styles worldwide. Thanks to constant design research and partnerships with talented international designers, we have managed to successfully interpret the needs of different markets, as evidenced by our presence in 91 different countries,” says Bonaldo Managing Director Alberto Bonaldo.

Illuminazione Lighting – Keshi and Pepita

Coulisse | INKZipblind & VF