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Published by Sugar & Cream, Monday 24 June 2024

Images courtesy of BD Barcelona

Introducing INTERZONE

BD presents INTERZONE with the Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen at Capsule Plaza. It is an experience in itself, embodying a shared environment where design meets sculpture and spaces have an identity.

Bridges Cabinet by Muller Van Severen

The collaboration between BD and Muller Van Severen blossoms from a shared legacy steeped in surrealism, sculpture, and architecture. The characteristic bold and vibrant colors of MVS are emphasized in the collection of BRIDGES cabinets and PILLOW sofas presented at Capsule Plaza.

INTERZONE is a space that brings people together by showcasing the designers’ ability to reimagine shapes that transcend their function and embody sculpture through basic architectural forms. It is an Interzone of comfort and community, one with rich colors and gracious structures.

Stedelijk Chair by Sabine Marcelis

BD is also exhibiting a sneak peek of the Stedelijk Chair by Sabine Marcelis and the Bench Wing by Konstantin Grcic.

This year, we have also shifted the brand with a redesign to bring the BD history into the future. We are reintroducing the original logo and expanding our dialogue across diverse realms of creativity. We want to continue expressing the diversity of the world and its values. In design and in everything we do.

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Muller Van Severen was founded in 2011 by Belgian design duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. They emphasize the natural beauty of materials through a balance of design and art and how materials can speak for themselves.  Their creations are globally identified in both private homes and public spaces.

Bridges Cabinet
is a collection of cabinets designed by Muller Van Severen. MVS developed the cabinets from their series of ‘Wave’ vases. The vase silhouettes were brought into handmade cabinets with unique cutout bases that transcend function. Their refined colors and glossy finishes emphasize structure, standing out with a sculptural beauty. Alone or as a whole, the BRIDGES cabinets create a colorful architecture that is vibrant and spacious and, of course, full of personality.

Pillow Sofa
Muller Van Severen’s PILLOW
sofa modular arrives at BD. Initially designed by MVS for KASSL Editions, the PILLOW sofa has been improved into a new playful and modular system for BD. The independent pillows are crisp and richly hued, perfect for puzzling together to create a fusion of comfortable seating arrangements. Edges curve smoothly and combine into an array of environments where style and grace meet a plush expression of form. One where cushions mix, match, adapt, and grow, wherever they are.

Stedelijk Chair
The Stedelijk Chair is the first chair by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis. Commissioned by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, renowned for its design collection, the Stedelijk Chair has a strong character that exemplifies Sabine Marcelis’ design style. Handmade and brimming with visual appetite, aluminum flows from legs to backrest with a smooth cohesion that accentuates its materiality. Its flowing silhouette compliments the smooth white form of the Stedelijk Museum’s exterior. Sabine Marcelis merges timeless design and sculpture in a chair that is stackable, lightweight, and made of a 100% aluminum body. 

Bench Wing
presents a preview of the new benches designed by Konstantic Grcic. Four and five meters long, the collection is made with 95% recycled extruded aluminum profiles from Hydro. The structures are combined with marble, wood, or recycled rubber bases to create elegant seating that is comfortable and resistant. They are for public and domestic spaces, with models available indoors and outdoors. Grcic emphasizes his passion for technology and architecture, creating benches that harmonize materials into innovative and functional designs.

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