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Published by Sugar & Cream, Friday 12 January 2024

Images courtesy of NA Arthouse

Private Preview Exhibition: 1-15 December 2023 at NA Arthouse

From December 1- 15, 2023, young talented artist Naufal Abshar unveiled the culmination of his transformative artistic residency experiences at his studio called NA Arthouse in Cipete, south of Jakarta. The collection, titled “Paper Trails of Creativity”, reflects the artist’s unique exploration of diverse landscapes and cultures through the lens of his residency encounters. Many of the artworks have not been exhibited before.

Naufal Abshar

Below is his own thoughts about the artworks, the artistic journey and exhibition:

In the realm of artistic creation, every stroke, color, and form bears the indelible mark of an artist’s lived experiences. In the delicate fibers of paper, I find a canvas to distill the essence of a life in perpetual motion—a life etched with the imprints of diverse landscapes, profound encounters, and the transformative embrace of art residencies. Through the medium of drawing and canvas, i unfolds a visual diary, a testament to the symbiosis between personal narrative and the ever-expanding horizons of travel and residency experiences.

My works are not merely visual compositions; they are living chronicles, embodying the ebb and flow of my experiences. The canvas becomes a diary, each stroke a record of laughter, struggle, and the nuanced hues of cultural immersion.

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Art residencies emerge as pivotal chapters in me,unfolding narrative. Within the walls of these creative sanctuaries, I transforms transient moments into enduring impressions. The blank pages of my sketchbooks become a receptacle for the cultural symphonies encountered in residencies spanning continents. From the bustling streets of Italian arrondissements to the tranquil solitude of remote mountain retreats, each residency imprints its essence on my drawings.

Travel, an ever-present companion, weaves its threads through the fabric of my work. The act of drawing becomes a form of meditation—a way to crystallize fleeting moments and anchor them in the tangible beauty of paper. Life experiences, a rich palette of emotions and encounters, are the heartbeat of my work. Joy, nostalgia, solitude, and cultural immersion are transcribed into visual poetry. Figures, landscapes, and architectural motifs become vessels for storytelling, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey that transcends the limitations of language.

As i continue to evolve, guided by the compass of my experiences, art residencies, and wanderlust, In my hands, paper and canvas becomes a living archive, a testament to the power of painting to encapsulate the ever-evolving tapestry of a life enriched by exploration. Naufal Abshar.

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