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Published by Sugar & Cream, Wednesday 19 June 2024

Images courtesy of ALIVAR

Introducing Durante, Terraferma, Olmo, Timeoround,Timeo, and Arbore.

ALIVAR, a company that has been successfully operating in the field of interior design for more than 50 years, is an example of how companies can adapt to emerging needs and trends, offering solutions that harmoniously integrate functionality, aesthetics and well-being. On the occasion of Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024, Alivar exhibits new products as well as some of its signature collections. The collection is carefully designed to offer optimal comfort, which aims to promote a sense of ease and tranquillity, thereby not only improving the aesthetic appearance of the interior, but also the overall well-being of the family unit.

The highlight of the collection is the DURANTE modular sofa with swivel end element conceived by the angelettiruzza design studio. This innovative sofa represents an evolution in the concept of comfort and functionality within contemporary living spaces. Its distinctive feature is the swivel end element, which adds a level of versatility and practicality to the sofa’s already flexible modular design. The rotating end element allows users to adjust the orientation of the seat according to their needs and preferences. This functionality offers the possibility of creating different configurations of the sofa, adapting it to the various activities being performed in the living space, such as watching TV, socialising or simply relaxing.

Furthermore, the DURANTE sectional sofa with swivel end element maintains the essence of comfort and quality, with its generous real down padding and high-quality materials that guarantee a welcoming and comfortable seating experience. Thanks to its combination of modular design, exceptional comfort and swivel end element, this sofa stands out as the centrepiece of the collection, offering users an innovative and customisable furniture experience to meet their daily living and relaxation needs. The name DURANTE derives from the Latin name durans and means “he who endures”, understood as “strong”.  But Durante degli Alighieri is also the actual name of the famous Italian poet, author of the Divine Comedy, Dante.

DURANTE brings with it these two important certainties: it is a product entirely designed, built and produced in Tuscany, in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, in the province of Florence, cradle of beauty and know-how, recognised throughout the world, and it is a modular system of sofas that interprets contemporary luxury with a soft and informal appeal, with a strong image destined to last over time. “DURANTE moves on the cusp of balance between simplicity and soft opulence” this is how the designers Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza express themselves. “We wanted an abundantly comfortable sofa, where you can let yourself go and feel surrounded by feathers, where you can also rest your head comfortably. Normally designer sofas have a deep seat and a low backrest.  This makes them beautiful but not very comfortable.  For us it was essential to find the dimension of total, visual and effective comfort”.

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DURANTE inhabits the space dynamically, both because one of the end elements rotates on itself 360° allowing a circular movement that offers unique functionality, and because the design of the various modules allows the creation of organic shapes that go beyond the linearity of the usual configurations. The structure is made of steel covered in non-deformable polyurethane foam of various densities and linings in polyester fibre.  The soft and abundant cushions are quilted and made of sterilised goose down.  They offer an appealing sense of softness and are very enveloping while providing a high level of comfort and support for the kidneys and shoulders. “Finding the perfect balance between the sense of softness and the right support was the real and in-depth work” the designers continue “Alivar’s experience with its 50 years of exclusively Italian production made the result possible”. Alivar’s manufacturing tradition is of the highest level as is the quality of the materials used, the attention to detail, but also the respect for workers’ rights.  The care given to people is the same used for its products.

Today, with the DURANTE collection we also offer a unique, intelligent and beautiful product, designed to meet the different needs of contemporary life. “Flexibility is an important peculiarity of the new collection that is able to adapt to different contexts and create new domestic scenarios. The elements of the modular seats easily morph into various compositions and are perfect for spaces of all sizes, to offer maximum expressive freedom.  At the centre is the idea of creating spaces that express comfort, but also a focus on functionality, so DURANTE is enriched with revolving end elements that always offer new points of view.  Expression of an increasingly multitasking lifestyle: to be alone or to live in company, to listen to music, to read or to work on the computer.  Flexibility represents a fundamental characteristic of the new collection, as it allows the furniture to adapt to a wide range of contexts and to create new domestic scenarios. The modular seating elements offer the possibility of forming various compositions, allowing users to customise the spaces according to their needs and to the size of the room. This versatility makes them ideal for spaces of all sizes, offering maximum expressive freedom in interior design.

The modules of the DURANTE collection are available in multiple sizes.  This variety of dimensions allows users to flexibly customise their sofa configuration based on the dimensions of the spaces and on their specific needs. Users can create compositions that adapt perfectly to the proportions of the room, allowing optimal distribution of space and greater flexibility in interior furnishing, giving life to unique and original combinations, thus adding variety and dynamism to living spaces. This superior versatility in the choice of module dimensions helps to make the DURANTE collection even more adaptable and customisable to the individual needs of users”. DURANTE, technical specifications: Wooden base covered in non-deformable polyurethane and polyester fibre lining. Steel backrests and armrests covered in polyurethane. Seat cushions in differentiated density polyurethane and sterilised down quilting. Back cushions in sterilised down with polyurethane rubber insert. Fabric covering. Floor standing with non-slip feet.

Two other 2024 innovations to furnish the ALIVAR living area are: the TERRAFERMA extendible table and the OLMO table.

The first is a table with a central leg with an unmistakable material presence. Its shape is essential and at the same time characterising thanks to the expressive strength of the materials used which create a mix of sober refinement. Practicality is essential for everyday life: TERRAFERMA maximises the space available by reducing clutter when not needed, thus offering a holistic approach to interior design, where the balance between form and utility is essential to guarantee a welcoming and liveable home. “The shape of the cone, which narrows towards the top, symbolises the idea of ascension and spiritual search as well as the concept of transformation and change”.  These are the words of the designers Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza. TERRAFERMA is made with a painted steel and ash base.  It is available with a fixed or extendible top. Version with fixed top in marble, painted ash or lacquered MDF. Version with extendible 12 mm-thick ceramic top or with 12 mm-thick tempered smoked glass.

OLMO, it is a table that furnishes a living room with a unique character, clear inspiration from the natural world and its organic forms. Asymmetrical, rooted, the OLMO table offers an image of itself that is always different on all four sides.   It was created to give a distinctive character to the living space of the house.  It is a table with unparalleled charisma that instills harmony and emanates powerful energy. Conceived by the angelettiruzza design studio, this table with an incisive style becomes an interesting decorative element “Whose inspiration is the natural world and its constant evolution” as defined by the designers. The structure is made of painted steel. The top is in painted ash, lacquered MDF, marble or 5 mm-thick ceramic coupled with 10 mm-thick extra clear transparent glass.

Three new proposals for beds for the sleeping area by ALIVAR: TIMEOROUND , TIMEO and ARBORE’.

TIMEOROUND: the essential beauty of a large round bed that dominates the scene and furnishes the heart of the room with unmistakable style, a welcoming nest with enveloping down pillows. The structure is in painted steel covered in polyurethane rubber and polyester fibre lining. The headboard cushions are made of sterilised down. The covering is available in fabric or leather in a variety of colours.  The support for the mattress is on perforated wooden platforms to ensure correct ventilation.

TIMEO: the bed with large headboard and soft down pillows is a balanced and distinct presence, an oasis of tranquillity that transmits calm, invitation and relaxation. The structure is in painted steel covered in polyurethane rubber and polyester fibre lining. The headboard cushions are made of sterilised goose down. The covering is in fabric or leather in multiple colours. The bed base is made of birch plywood with 25 mm curved slats. With rigidity adjusters in the lumbar area.

ARBORE’: a canopy bed designed by Alessandro Corina, conceived and built through the interlocking of tubular-section wooden parts in the metal joints. It gives life to a refined and characterful aesthetic, thanks above all to the various possibilities for combining the finishes. ARBORE’ is an oasis of comfort, ideal for large spaces and to be positioned in the centre of the room, perfect to give value and uniqueness to the bedroom. The structure is in natural or painted solid ash. The MDF headboard lightly padded with polyurethane rubber and polyester fibre lining. The headboard covering is in leather or fabric in multiple colours and finishes. The support for the mattress is on perforated wooden platforms for correct ventilation.

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