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Published by Sugar & Cream, Thursday 04 July 2024

Images courtesy of Alias

Designed by architects David Lopez Quincoces and Francesco Meda

Welcoming visitors into an inviting environment, the design of the Alias stand, by architects and designers David Lopez Quincoces and Francesco Meda, fully embodies the brand’s avant-garde spirit of ‘Something Else’. Through an immersive experience divided into three successive stages of interaction in the centre of the stand, Alias reflects its commitment to innovation, quality and creativity in the field of design, celebrating its 45th anniversary and the latest products for 2024.

A striking installation dedicated to Alfredo Häberli’s Time collection reveals five seating arrangements on a circular platform on top of which a veil of water flows. Through the use of tensioned cables, the seats acquire a three-dimensional appearance and then return to a flat position. A multisensory experience that enhances the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional to explore the fusion of design and nature, such as the movements of aquatic plants that alternate according to the sunlight.

Presented by Coulisse | INK

To celebrate the company’s 45th anniversary, the centrepiece of the space is dedicated to Alberto Meda’s Light Light, a symbol of Alias’ innovative approach. A scale tangibly represents the concept of lightness and experimentation that is the hallmark of the iconic chair designed by Alberto Meda in 1987.

Finally, there is an interactive section dedicated to the Nastro table by Daniel Rybakken: a kinetic installation illustrating the simple act of adjusting the height of the tabletop, the new product’s distinctive mechanism. Visitors are invited to interact with wooden elements placed on a platform, which, thanks to visible belts and hidden gears, allow them to vary their height, creating an ever-changing abstract landscape. This experience considers the interaction between man and product through an analogue and intuitive movement distinguished by its innovative nature: “Something Else” indeed.

Around the “Something Else” centrepiece, the remaining space of the Alias stand is dedicated to new products, presented in a harmonious ensemble that reflects contemporary living in a more fluid understanding of space, enhancing its design versatility.

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